Information on the KLUTE Family

The following information my be of some help to Klute researchers. My GGGM, Jennie, born November 19, 1850, was listed on the 1900 St. Louis census with a note that she immigrated in 1855. She would have been 5 years old. From the cemetery records found, her first born son died about 1871. In my attempts to locate the family on a 1870 census, I've compiled and listed below, what records have been found so far:
1870 - St. Louis, Missouri census index Roll pg. KLUTE, Anna 23 F BREM 4-WD 8-Sub Divn St. L. 813 440 servent brewer KLUTE, August 10 M MO (orphan boy) KLUTE, August 35 M PRUS 9-WD 16-Sub Div St. L. 819 461 Catherine 28 F Prus Kate 8 F Prus Robert 5 M MO August 3 M MO Henry 9 mo M MO KLUTE, Casper 54 M PRUS 3-WD 7-Sub Divn St. L. 812 151 unknown 44 F Bavaria Anna 18 F MO (Anna was unmarried in 1899) Josephine 13 F MO (she married Theodore Feager) Cass (?) 11 F MO (she married William P. Arnd) Christine 9 F MO (she married Henry J. Bulte) Clara 1 F MO (she married William C. Lamping) Henry 98 M Prus (father of subject - retired carpenter) Note: I have an article regarding Casper and his family that has quite a lot of information: click here to read [TIDBIT] and 'back' to return. KLUTE, Catherine 43 F PRUS 4-WD 9-Sub Divn St. L. 813 623 Henty 21 M MO (clerk in store) August 16 M MO KLUTE, Henry 29 M PRUS 2-WD 3-Sub Divn St. L. 811 585 Caroline 23 F Baden Letha 4 mo. F MO KLUTE, Henry 8 F PRUS 3-WD 7-Sub Divn St. L. 812 151 This is the father of Casper listed above. KLUTE, John 18 M MO 5-WD 10-Sub Divn St. L. 814 788 (works as barber) KLUTE, John B. 48 M NY 6-WD 14-Sub Divn St.L. 816 463 Amanda 39 F NY Francis E. 18 ? NY Hannibal 17 M NY Walter S. 14 M NY Jennie 10 F NY KLUTE, Joseph 60 M PRUS 2-WD East St. L. 811 452 Kate 55 F Prussia Jenny 18 F Prussia Cleary 16 ? Prussia Anna 14 F Prussia Joseph 12 M ? (This is my Jennie and her parents) All records in Missouri that I have found are listed here. Hope this helps you.

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