History of St. Clair Co., IL: The Feig family started their history in this country in 1851, when they immigrated from the German state of Bavaria. While this was a time of the influx of millions of German immigrants into this country, John Feig had special reasons for leaving his motherland. As family folklore has it, John along with two friends decided to hunt and sell rabbits. At that time, rabbit hunting was against the law. Rather than face the stiff penalty for their crime, John Feig, George Bauer and John & Katherine Malter decided to make a new life in America. John & Katherine Malter settled in Madison County around 1852. In 1864, John Malter then moved the Malter family to a farm in Caseyville Township. It was here too that friends George Bauer and John Feig settled; and it was here that the three friends, whose lives were so changed by such an innocent act as rabbit hunting, would continue their lives together.


In a book History of Wayne Co, MO dated 1972: The first section called "The Old Green Hills", there's another section named "Mountains". It reads . . . . . Other mountains in the northern section are Aley Mountain, named for Solomon Aley (misnamed Haley on some maps); Logan Mountain, named for one of the brothers, Charles or David Logan: Yancey Mountain named for Robert Yancey; Frenchman Hill, named for Uleas Flamary: Warren Hill, sometimes called Daffron Hill; Grassey Mountain, Chlore Mountain, and Gold Hill. (pg. 10)


Everytime You Go Away