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There's a story my Grandma Eula told me about her sister, Gussie. It was, with the family that, when a baby was born, the oldest child would take the new baby under their wing and help care for them because their momma was so busy. Gussie, age 5, was given the responsibility of taking care of Lewie, one of the twins (the weaker one). In 1901, he was one and a half years old and took very ill. On April 3rd, a very short time later, he died. Gussie fell into a deep depression. She couldn't get out of bed. She missed Lewie terribly. On April 8th (five days later), in the middle of the night, Momma May heard her whisper out "Momma?" When Momma May's feet hit the floor, the boys, Kelly & Buford, just knew something was wrong, Momma was always too tired to answer their whimpering in the night. The next morning, Gussie was gone. Their Momma May always said she died of a broken heart. I was so saddened by this story. When my Grandma told me, I couldn't hold back my tears. It still moves me to think about her. Gussie was almost five years old when she died but what a giving and loving child she must have been. All the McGowan children that died young are in one cemetery (Pleasant Grove) in Poplar Bluff. Before Grandma Eula passed away, she took us to see them. All the children's graves were marked with purple mason jars that have since been broken. The glass pieces remain. Momma May had a piece of paper in each jar. It described each child and had the dates on them. They are gone now, but their memories remain.


METZGER, Carl "Charles"

Carl had one of the first drug stores in E. St. Louis, IL (at 25th & Ridge Ave.) and later moved to Highland, Ill. Here he also had a drug store until they retired in Denver, Colo.



George Metzger, son of Lambert Metzger worked with his father as a butcher. Lambert died at an early age and George Metzger took over the Metzger Meat Market. George carried out the ideals of his father, had a neat store and was a good citizen. He was the father of two of our Winchester citizens, Mrs. Dana (Gertrude) O'Donnell and Margaret Metzger, a registered nurse who practiced her profession in St. Louis, Mo. A son, Lucien, lives in Denver, Colo. George Metzger lived in what is now the Everett Patterson home. In the brick home to the west lived Lambert, his father. George had property on Pearl and Green streets which at one time was pasture and later was sold as lots. He retired in the late 1930's or early 1940. Both father and son, Lambert and George Metzger had their slaughter house east of Winchester to the right of the first bridge; an ice house was also located here. (They also owned race horses)


METZGER, Lambert "George", Sr.

Fifty-two years ago, in the province (Baden) bordering on the beautiful river Rhine, in Germany, Lambert Metzger first opened his eyes to the world about him. To be more specific, he was born September 15, 1851. He was educated in his native country and was early apprenticed to his uncle to learn the butcher's trade. He remained with his uncle until his 17th birthday, and then set sail for this country, landing in New York, October 5, 1868. He worked in New York, at his trade, for about a year, and then came to Winchester, Scott Co., IL, arriving there August 12, 1869, and since that time has been a resident of that city. When he first came to Winchester, and for four years and ten months thereafter, he worked for a cousin in the butcher business, the shop then being located almost directly opposite his present shop. At the end of nearly five years he left his cousin and engaged in business for himself. He was successful and in 1877 he erected his present building, and today has one of the most convenient and handsome meat markets to be found in central Illinois. He handles nothing but the best and the place is conspicuous for its neatness and cleanliness. The appointments are perfect and one can but admire the market. In 1872 Mr. Metzger was married to Miss Maggie Minie (Muench), a resident of Winchester and to them six children have been born -- four boys and two girls. Of his sons, George, who was married to Miss Minnie Cowman of Alton, October 20, 1897, is associated in the business with his father; Carl, who is a graduate of the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, is now in Decatur, IL; and Lambert, Jr. is a clerk in the banking house of W. T. Richards & Co., at Chicago, IL. In the order of their birth the children are: George, Lambert Jr., Carl, Clara, Lucy and William. In addition to being a successful man in a business way, Mr. Metzger is a good citizen. He owns nice property in Winchester and is known by the people as a man whose heart is always in the right place. Mr. Metzger has served two terms as mayor of Winchester. Article written in 1901 published in "Scott County Atlas, History & Plat-Book".


October 28, 2002

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