Funeral Book for Laura Cain

In Memory to Those We serve
Math. Hermann & Son, Inc.

In Memory of: Laura Cain
Born: January 17, 1880
Place: Ironton, Missouri
Entered into rest: June 28, 1958
Place: Residence, 2223 Salisbury Street
Age: Years 78 Months 5 Days 11
(ribbon with "Dear Mother" is folded and pressed in book)

	Father:  Felix Bourgeouis
	Mother:  Louise
	Other Members of the Family:
		Sister - Adele
		Brother - Leon

SERVICES: Held at: Math. Hermann & Sons Chapel Date: July 1, 1958 Hour: 1:00 P.M.

OFFICATING: Reverend Otto Kienker

INTERMENT: Memorial Park Cemetery Section: 1 Lot: 650 City: Normandy County: St. Louis State: Missouri Hour: 1:00 P.M. Day: 1st Month: July Year: 1958

BEARERS Victor Yaker Richard Conner Virgil Hanna Gene Cain Roland Hartmann

RELATIVES ATTENDING Mrs. Louise Yaker & Husband Mrs. Adele Haynes Mr. Ernest Cain Mr. Leaman Cain Mr. Edward Cain Mr. Ollie Cain Mr. & Mrs. Leon Bourgeouis Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Hanna & Daughter Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Conner & Son Miss Norma Jean Yaker Mr. Eugene Cain Mrs. Violet Morgan Leona Bourgeouise

FRIENDS WHO CALLED Harold E. Boswell John J. Schuer Donald Lahay Juanita Langley Mrs. Francis B. Heher John Tompson Joseph W. Cureo Frieda Siewing (Sieving) Clarence Malkemus Clyde Heidger Mrs. Helen Mayse Max L. Schoenfeld Robt Kofman (Kofran) Harry Mueller Burton Gallagher Edw Manhart Madalyn Cain James & Lucille Pryse Frank Derzel (could be Ferzel) Joseph Fans Adele Haynes Mrs. L. J. Haynes Violet Morgan Al Baldi Jos Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jas Flynn Nellie Cathey (Gathey) Ala Cruse Reuben Middlecamp Vira (Vera) Lambardo Vincie Lombardo Kenneth Maghew (Mayhew) Edward Tabaka Pauline Reidelberger Mr. & Mrs. James Reidelberger Mrs. Earle Edmiston Lewis A. Mattox Charles Dewey Volner (Volmer) Joseph Cacciabando Mrs. J. Coppedge Mrs. Anna Oldendorph Mrs. John J. Schneider Louis & Jessie Bourgeois 4372 Laclede JE-5-6894 Worley Bingaman(n) Ed & Irene Smith Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Hoehne & Boys Mrs. Marie Schuermann Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Doyle Miss Carol Ann Doyle Mr. & Mrs. F. Meyers Mrs. Edna Mensie Mr. Phil Bray Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Cooper Mrs. G. Asikainen Mrs. E. Muth Howard C. Arndt (?) Bern Hennessy Adolphe Jacobsmeyer Mona Frayne Bob Bokermenn (?) Mr. & Mrs. R. Hartmann Mrs. A. Martin & Family Tony Marcinkiewicy Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hartmann Mrs. Paul Neudicker